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The Amazing Rug Weaving Industry

Weavers 01 The difference between a machine-made rug and an exemplary knotted rug is the technique itself: a time-honored, humanizing force of weaving — patiently and lovingly — by hand. Machine made rugs have limited character because of their mechanical assembly. Hand-knotted carpets resonate, as the industry of carpet weaving develops in remarkably innovative directions, refusing to surrender to complacency.

Let's take a closer look at the rug weaving communities of the major rug producing belts in U.P.India, the Kathmandu valley of Nepal, and the Lahore region of Pakistan. Thanks to the efforts of leading carpet producers and exporters, you'll find this epoch filled with exploration and unprecedented developments in design rendering and intonation. Weavers are bound by tradition, yet markedly influenced by effervescent colorways, in tandem with your interiors.

Weavers 02 Rugs that you find to be most compelling reflect inventiveness at every stage of production, including dyeing, weaving, and finishing. This broad, dynamic approach to rug making — synergized with the needs of today's households — has made significant strides in recent years. Gabbeh carpets from Southern Persia are heralded as prime examples of this fresh, remarkable work. So are many decorative rugs hailing from keen producers in Pakistan and Nepal. Afghan weavers, once secured in refugee areas in NWFP Pakistan, are now returning to their thriving homeland, where a wonderful and inspiring carpet renaissance lives.

Like many of our customers, you might be concerned with the welfare of the weavers and their families. Illegal child labor and abhorrent practices are not at all present with our producers. Our owner, Leon Mayeri, has personally visited dozens of weaving facilities throughout Weavers 03 India and Pakistan. All of our providers are certified by reliable and respected organizations, which place the welfare of the weaving community in highest regard. Aid projects and the infrastructure they create are oriented toward the specific needs and wellness of the local population. By supporting responsible organizations like Care & Fair, children have the right to their childhood and access to education, in order to have the opportunity for self-determination in their lives.

The international press has written with concern about undesirable conditions in the carpet belt areas of Uttar Pradesh (India), in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and in Lahore, Pakistan. Our most cherished alliance is with Care & Fair, a decade-old organization, credited with successfully combating illegal child labor practices in these areas. Protests and boycotts were visibly felt, especially in Europe, but this was not enough to assist the people concerned. Care & Fair was founded by socially committed carpet exporters, and its efforts with the construction of schools and establishment of basic medical care facilities are heralded as successful models. By creating needed infrastructure, Care and Fair has done a remarkable job of providing respect and vitality to the oriental rug trade.

Weavers 04 Care & Fair is an excellent example of what a relatively small industry can do to combat child labor. Nearly 40,000 children have received free education in schools supported by Care & Fair. Nearly 600,000 people from weaving families have been cared for in medical facilities, all sponsored, free of charge, by Care & Fair. You might be able to arrange a visit to a Care & Fair facility if you ever travel to any of these areas. Oriental rug resource providers, as well as anyone with genuine interest, are invited to join Care & Fair. For more information, be sure to visit Their site provides a generous amount of information regarding the various projects Care & Fair supports in the source countries. As always, your comments on this matter are welcomed.


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