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The Persian Mercantile Collection:
Our World Famous, Finely Engraved Copper Originals

Engraved Copper Now Available exclusively at Golden Age — Fine, unique, collectable, engraved, Persian Copper Originals.

Golden Age is pleased to offer one of the world's largest collections of old engraved Persian copper originals, including many unique, irreplaceable styles and shapes. Produced in workshops in Isfahan and Shiraz prior to World War II, you'll find our collection represents an era of highly refined Persian artistry that no longer exists.

The engraved copper collection includes over two thousand pieces: vases, bowls, plates, trays, decanters and pitchers, most of which were originally created as elegant, dainty articles for bridal gifts and elaborate marriage ceremonies. The highly detailed effort found in each piece includes masterful hammering techniques and scalloping, a rare process even during the period when the copper was made.

The process of refining Persian copper dates back many centuries, to a period when the tedious method of leaching and smelting copper made it costly and time consuming. The electrolytic process was introduced well over a century ago, yet many pieces in our collection contain copper derived from chunks, not sheets, which means they were produced prior to 1860.

Engraved copper originals are tin washed for preservation. After a labor-intensive process of metal finishing, a residual amount of tin remains on the surface, providing a striking silver-toned variegation to each piece. Copper tarnishes with age and exposure to light; we therefore recommend the occasional use of metal polish to restore the vivid lustre and sheen. Or, if you prefer, you can intentionally choose to leave the surface tarnished by not polishing, revealing darker brown tones and a flatter finish.

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